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Skopelos island doesn't have an airport . You can either fly to the island of Skopelos or to the mainland , at Volos . There are direct flights to Volos (and to Skiathos) from many European cities, including Brussels, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, London, Manchester, Paris and Milan. Otherwise, Volos is accessible by road from Greece’s main international airports in Athens and Thessaloniki. Flying to Volos (or one of the main international airports in Greece) is recommended if you are starting your sailing holiday from our Volos base. For charters to our second base in Loutraki, Skopelos, it is recommended that you fly to Skiathos airport. From there, we provide a water taxi service to our base in Loutraki, Skopelos.

The DOLPHIN YACHTS meeting point is directly onto your yacht.


4 anchoring spots and ports (Skopelos Chora, Loutraki port of Glossa , Skopelos New Klima and Agnondas ) . As for now Skopelos , the island has a well equipped marina in Skopelos and numerous binding sites for sailing boats of all sizes to large sailing yacht. Organized marina there in New Klima Skopelos. Also mooring and harbor at Loutraki Glossa and picturesque Agnontas . Many beaches and natural coves for anchorage ( eg Blo Panormos, Stafilos, Limonari and in general to all the beaches ) . Those of you who have inflatables, on the island there are 2 sliders at the port of Skopelos , Agnondas one slide , one slide at Neo Klima, Skopelos , one slide in Loutraki Skopelos. On the slide beneath the Tower Panayitsa there electrical worker .

On Loutraki you will find everything you need for your boat , ice , fuel , food and even mechanical assistance.
Loutraki also has ...
  • the ferry ticket office and car / motorbike hire office
  • a secret nightclub in high season.
Loutraki has beaches and swimming within seconds walk of the local accomodation and watching the boats coming and going in the harbour.
There is a supermarket and a baker and you can buy fish straight from the boats.
Two specialist fish restaurants and three cafés all with waterfront dining.
The Pagasitikos Gulf and the Northern Sporades Islands get the 'Meltemi' from the NNE during the summer months and this provides a predictable strong breeze, normally between force 3 & 6 on the Beaufort scale which makes for excellent sailing for all levels. Generally the wind blows from a NNE direction in the Sporades, although the direction can be altered as it channels through the islands. On the lee side of the islands there are flat seas, which combined with wind make for an exhilarating sail. In the spring and the autumn the wind continues to be mainly from the north (NE-NW) but with regular winds from the south with local variations. In the height of summer you can expect average temperatures of 26 degrees, with July and August being the hottest months.

The Port of Loutraki

is the port of Glossa and has its name from the ancint baths (loutra) today found in archaeological site near the shore. marina
Skopelos is a beutiful island, full of forests and thus is considered as one of the greenest islands of the Aegean Sea. It has an excellent infrastructure but at the same time keeps its traditional character. The island has 3 ports: the main Skopelos port, the port of Loutraki and the port of Agnontas. Loutraki is the first port of Skopelos, where the ferries or flying dolphins make a stop at Skiathos, Volos or Agios Konstantinos and then continue to the main port of the island of Skopelos. The main port of Skopelos is actually the major destination of private ships, yachts and sailboats where facilities such as fuel supply, water supply, ice and food are provided. In case you need more information about ferry departures and arrivals from the port of Skopelos you can call at (+30 24240) 22180.
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