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The easiest way to reach Volos is by plane. Volos International Airport of Central Greece is Nea Anchialos National Airport . The airport is about 20mins by road from Volos City. There are direct flights to Volos (and to Skiathos) from many European cities, including Brussels, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, London, Manchester, Paris and Milan. You can catch a local bus, taxi or pick up a hire car to get you to Volos where we will meet you. Airport to Volos Bus service operates daily. Otherwise, Volos is accessible by road from Greece’s main international airports in Athens and Thessaloniki. Flying to Volos (or one of the main international airports in Greece) is recommended if you are starting your sailing holiday from our Volos base. For charters to our second base in Loutraki, Skopelos, it is recommended that you fly to Skiathos airport. From there, we provide a water taxi service to our base in Loutraki, Skopelos.
Volos is in the mid-eastern side of Greece and you have many choices of how to get here (see Google map below). By air to Nea Anchialos Airport and then by road to Volos in 20 min. By air to Skiathos Airport and from there by ferry to Volos (2 hrs 30 min) or 1 hr 30 min by flying dolphin. By road from the borders: Evzoni to Volos 280km, Eidomeni to Volos 320km. By ferry boat from abroad to the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras and from there by road. By air via the Athens and Thessaloniki airports and from there by road or rail: From Athens to Volos by intercity bus in 4 hrs (324km). From Thessaloniki to Volos by intercity bus in 2 hrs 30 mins (216km). From Athens to Volos by rail in 4 hrs 30 min. From Thessaloniki to Volos by rail in 3 hrs 30 min.

Volos Marina, is where you will find your yacht either along the Paralia or quay side in front of the shops or directly. We will advise of a meeting place usually in one of the cafes.

Mooring is usually stern or bows-to in the marina and on the quay beyond the ferry boats along the Paralia you will find 'lazy lines.

On Loutraki you will find everything you need for your boat , ice , fuel , food and even mechanical assistance.
Loutraki also has ...
  • the ferry ticket office and car / motorbike hire office
  • a secret nightclub in high season.
Loutraki has beaches and swimming within seconds walk of the local accomodation and watching the boats coming and going in the harbour.

We will keep this as brief as possible but clearly a comprehensive checkin is always required. Whilst this is being done you can send a party off for provisioning. Volos has a number of supermarkets and we will suggest the best place(s) to go. Some only a short walk away and for the larger supermarkets we can provide a drop off and pick service where you and your shopping will be dropped of as close to the boat as we can get.

Two specialist fish restaurants and three cafés all with waterfront dining.

The Pagasitikos Gulf and the Northern Sporades Islands get the 'Meltemi' from the NNE during the summer months and this provides a predictable strong breeze, normally between force 3 & 6 on the Beaufort scale which makes for excellent sailing for all levels. Generally the wind blows from a NNE direction in the Sporades, although the direction can be altered as it channels through the islands. On the lee side of the islands there are flat seas, which combined with wind make for an exhilarating sail. In the spring and the autumn the wind continues to be mainly from the north (NE-NW) but with regular winds from the south with local variations. In the height of summer you can expect average temperatures of 26 degrees, with July and August being the hottest months.

The Port of Volos

The port that lies upon ancient Iolkos where one of the most legendary sea faring epics of ancient times started. Here, at the safe port of the wonderful Pagasitikos bay, Jason built his trireme, Argo, and along with his oarsmen set course for Colhis bringing back and getting married to priestess Medea. The legend indicates the struggle of Greeks to tame the sea and communicate with other peoples. The new port was founded in 1893. Volos, an insignificant town of 5000 people who lived around the ancient castle, year by year turned into one of the most industrial and handicraft centres in Greece. Today, Volos numbers 120.000 people. The port started to gain traffic due to the considerably rising number of the tourists who enjoy the attractions of Mount Pelion that towers over Volos, and the unrivaled coasts of Pagasitikos bay and the Aegean sea. Mount Pelion was the place of abode of the mythical Centaurs who were half men and half horses. The most famous was Centaur Chiron. Also, a great volume of tourism is due to the magnificent islands with their enchanting beaches that lie 1-3 hours’ trip from Volos, such as Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonisos and other smaller ones. The Magnesia Port Fund that is currently responsible for all the regional ports of the prefecture, pays particular attention to the development of tourism by cruise-boats. Thus, it is a member of an organization that promotes the development of that section in the Mediterranean region under the name of Medcruise and has been a founding member of the organization. The works that have been under construction lately, and those that will soon be constructed, create one of the big Eastern European Union`s gateways that may deal with any kind of cargo. The ones who may be interested will find themselves among a friendly environment and will be served by the port services. Volos is a viberant and modern city with tavernas and cafes on the waterfront opposite the yachts where you can enjoy the famous "tsipouradika" (places that offer the local version of ouzo) with great sea food. You have access to a wide range of shops and provisioning is made easy and cost effective with a number to large supermarkets. It is at the base of the beautiful Pelion mountain peninsular and the gateway to the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Northern Sporades Islands.
Volos port aerial view Volos Port aerial view
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