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A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. - Grace Hopper

elcome visitor , to our profile page , where you can learn some basic information about us.

The beginning

Our company has been started from George Theofilakos , a civil-engineer with love for sailing and the boats , since 1991 , where at first he owned
2 x Olympic Sea 42 , sailboats and started the ownership company , "Dolphin Yachts" .
Originally the starting base was in Athens , Alimos marina . At that time , the sailboats were , having charters in the Saronic,Dodecanese,Aegean sea .


After 3 years of operation in Athens , the decision was made for the company to change base for the boats.
Corfu was chosen and since then , we operate from Gouvia marina . After 10 years of operation , George's nethew , Panayotis (Potis) , an IT Proffesional with devotion to the boats and love and admiration to sailing , joined the company and helped in the building of the company's international profile , efficiently and effectively through successful online presense and a strong and flexible network of yachting agencies and direct clients that become repeat clients and friends after a while , because of our client - oriented philosophy and devotion to the people's needs.

Our fleet

Currently our general fleet is consisted of the following figures :

  • Ionian islands
    • Corfu : 48 models sailing yachts both monohull and catamaran (including our 7 sailboats (Jeanneau,Beneteau,Moody) ranging from 2 up to 6 cabins.
    • Lefkas : 44 models of sailing yachts both monohull and catamaran ranging from 2 up to 6 cabins .
  • Athens & Cyclades : 54 models of sailing yachts both monohull and catamaran ranging from 2 up to 6 cabins.
  • Volos & Sporades : 15 models of sailing yachts , monohull , ranging from 2 up to 5 cabins
  • Dodecanese : 24 models of sailing yachts , monohull and catamaran , ranging from 2 up to 5 cabins .


Our vision

Our goal is to always try to have our boats and services in the most competitive level or proffesionalism .
Our vision is to renew our fleet and expand our business to other places as well , offering more services and competitive
prices to our partners and to our clients .
Thanks for choosing us for your holidays and we want you next to us and sail into new seas and crystal water , lands .

Sincerely yours ,

Our privately owned fleet for charter

Our privately owned fleet is consisted of sailing yachts built by Jeanneau , Beneteau and Moody . Yacht rental services in Corfu , Ionian sea . Affordable low- cost sailing holidays combining top quality in service and comfort.
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Our private fleet  Cyclades 50.5 - Oceanis 393 Clipper - Sun Odyssey 45.2 - Sun Odyssey 42.2 - Sun Odyssey 42.1 - Sun Odyssey 37 - Moody 336
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Last updated : 05 , November 2015
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