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      This website is being designed for commercial purposes . That means that every piece of information which is viewed from our pages is owned by "Dolphin Yachts"
      and every unauthorised use of images , text or ideas including copying (Ctrl+C) will be considered as illegal action and will be procecuted in
      Greek or other countries under a court of law .
      Nevertheless , we can give permission for anyone that wants to share any piece of information of this website , for personal use , only if we judge that the requested content can be used to other blogs or websites for the benefit of "Dolphin Yachts". We believe the free use of transfer of information but under some conditions , of course can be legal and should be encouraged by website owners . [top]

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    • Confidential Information


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        Your personal information is safe with us . Every byte that is sent over our forms electronicaly , through this website will not
        shared or given to any third party websites or any other individual or company .
        We respect your privacy and we will only use your information for our records and to contact you.

      • Electronic Payments

        We offer you the possibility of making your payments online . We use a secure electronic payment system in collaboration with our bank associates , Piraeus Bank & Eurobank. In this way you can give the details of your credit card and complete any payment , regarding , charter payments or the security deposit -if needed- of course . Piraeus Bank is responsible for having all the measures and precautions that are necessary to assure you and us , "Dolphin Yachts" , that your transaction is safe . [top]

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Last updated : 05 , November 2015
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